Message to Shareholders & Investors

We aim to deliver “safety and security.”

Masatsugu Sato

We would like to contribute to society through quality manufacturing.

For example, one issue which industry must seriously address is environmental protection. In this area, we provide high-pressure technology products for CO2 emission-free fuel-cell vehicles as well as for the required infrastructure (hydrogen refueling stations) which are essential for the spread of this technology. Furthermore, in the water supply market which attracts attention in terms of water pollution or water shortage problems, our products are used in respective infrastructure. Our pressure gauges and pressure sensors are also used in the medical area. We also manufacture and sell medical equipment ourselves, including tongue pressure meters and occlusal force meters. In addition, as the incident of the ceiling of a tunnel collapsing onto the Chuo Expressway demonstrated, there is increasing demand for architectural infrastructure safety control. We have thus newly created the “FBG Division” with a view to commercialize a system of products using “optical fiber sensors” for detecting deterioration of tunnels, bridges, piers and roads, etc. FBG is an abbreviation of Fiber Bragg Grating which is one of the optical fiber sensing technologies. Optical fibers enable a wide range of measurements and will therefore satisfy needs that conventional sensors cannot cover. We will concentrate on making this FBG business one of our new pillars. Furthermore, we will implement measures developed in the “Growth Strategy Promotion Project”. Thus, we are confident that our business contributes to safety and security in our lives and in society. This sense of responsibility for society is our source of confidence and pride in manufacturing. We will continue the challenge to be an enterprise which delivers “safety and security”. We request you, the shareholders, to give us continued support and encouragement.

President and Representative Director Masatsugu Sato