Thermoelectric Products

Various thermoelectric products supporting your research, experiments and tests

  • Thermocouple Sheets
  • Thermocoax Heaters(High-temperature Flexible Heaters)
  • High-temperature Plate Heaters (HF Heaters)
  • C/C Composite Heaters
  • Ultra-high-temperature Vacuum Atmosphere Furnaces
  • Temperature Control Boards
  • Vacuum Heating Equipment

Ultra-small Vacuum / Atmosphere Furnaces (Max: 2100 ℃)

This high temperature furnace uses C/C composites (carbon-carbon composites). It is uniquely small and easy-to-use despite its high heating ability. Our researchers are always pushing the limit to develop truly unique products.

  • Maximum temperature: 2100 ℃
  • Available for vacuum or inert gas atmosphere

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