Leak Testers

We have provided our customers with reliable leakage measuring technology for 50 years. Let us serve you with our wide variety of products.

We can support you in many fields.



Flow Rate Leak Tester FM-1061 series
Flow Rate Leak Tester
  • Time-saving and highly accurate measurement by scanning
  • Easy connection due to built-in sequence operation system
  • Easy self-checking with maintenance key
  • Easy data analysis and administration
  • For Automotive Industry
    Valves, Canisters, EGR/Vs, Engine Assemblies, Transmission Assemblies, Engine Valves, Exhaust Mufflers etc.
Air Leak Tester FL-611 series
Air Leak Tester
  • Master-less and fitting leak tester Time-saving and highly accurate
  • Easy data analysis and administration
  • Leakage amount display
  • For Automotive Parts
    Engine Assemblies, Transmission Assemblies, Fuel Tanks, Brake Parts, Water/Oil Pumps, Delivery Pipes etc.
  • For Electronic Components
    Cell Phones, Tablets, LED Lights, etc.
  • For Housing and Plumbing Industries
    Faucets, Gas Stoves, Gas Valves, etc.
  • For Medical, Food and Cosmetic Industries
    PTP Packages, Liquid Medicine Pouches, Eyeliner Pencils, Pillow Packages, Pouch Packages
Hydrogen Leak Testing System HDS-0100
Hydrogen Leak Testing System
  • Highly sensitive detection (0.5ppm)
  • Using nonflammable tracer gas (95% hydrogen, 5% nitrogen)
  • Low initial and running cost
  • As many as 4 channels
  • For Cars
    Engine Assemblies, Fuel Tanks, Radiators, Delivery Pipes, Fuel Cells, Piping, etc.
  • For Housing and Plumbing
    Refrigerating Machines, Air Conditioner Parts, Heat Exchangers, etc.
Helium Leak Testing System HES-2000 series
Helium Leak Testing System
  • Suitable for high-pressure testing using CO2 refrigeration or common-rail system (Max: 35 MPa)
  • Standardization for cost reduction
  • He production and provision system
  • Totally custom-made system from manual to fully automatic
  • For Automotive Parts
    Delivery Pipes, Common Rails, Fuel Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Valves, etc.
  • For Housing and Plumbing
    Refrigerators, Air Conditioner Parts, Heat Exchangers, etc.
Leak Tightness Tester (for small electronic equipment) MSX series
Leak Tightness Tester (for small electronic equipment)
  • Fully automated, 100% inspection of small electronic devices for leak tightness
  • Minimum applicable size: 1210
  • Maximum processing ability: 4500 pcs / hour
  • For Electronic Equipment
    MEMS, Crystal Units, Power Devices, Condensers, SAW Filters, Various Types of Sensors, etc.
Ultra-fine Leak Testing System MUH-0100 series
Ultra-fine Leak Testing System
  • Measurement of Ultra-fine leakage (minimum: 4 x 10-15 Pa・m/s)
  • FUKUDA’s original technology “Capsule Accumulation System”
  • For Electronic Equipment Industry
    MEMS (Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Light Sensors, etc.)

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