Masatsugu Sato

The history of Nagano Keiki can be said to be the history of pressure measuring technology. Nagano Keiki, since its start-up in 1896 and founding in 1948, has defined itself as a “technology-oriented company.” As the leading company in pressure gauges and pressure sensors, we have expanded our product lineup to include pressure measurement and control technologies. This has followed the needs of our customers who trust Nagano Keiki’s quality and performance.

We have also implemented an aggressive growth strategy in our overseas markets, including acquiring Ashcroft, a major pressure measuring instruments manufacturer in the U.S. Moreover we are further expanding our sales network to provide our products across Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Finally, as pressure measurement and control have become indispensable elements in recent “green technologies”, we are willing to play an innovative and responsible role in efforts to preserve the environment for the future.

President and Representative Director Masatsugu Sato