Corporate governance

Structure of corporate governance

General outline

Our company has a board of auditors which consists of four persons including two external auditors (as of June 29, 2015). These auditors carry out their responsibilities by attending several meetings such as the board of directors meetings.

The current board of directors (as of June 29, 2015) has nine directors including two external directors and it convenes at least once a month. During these meetings executive business and legal items are discussed and, if applicable, decisions are taken.

Based on the “corporate officer” system, we separate the function of management supervision from executive duties and delegate the authority for the execution of duties to corporate officers in order to increase executive efficiency. Furthermore, according to the "regulations of the board of directors" and the "regulations of the managing committee," the managing committee considers and resolves issues which arise from the empowered management level. It also deliberates in advance matters to be discussed by the board of directors in order to make directorial decision-making more rapid and appropriate.

The internal control committee which was established for enhancing the internal control system takes actions and measures to ensure that the execution of duties conforms to laws and regulations and our articles of incorporation.

The relation between organizations and internal control in our company is shown in the diagram below.


We have submitted our "Report on Corporate Governance" to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Report on Corporate Governance of NAGANO KEIKI (pdf file, 0.2MB) (Japanese version only)